pre and post...... {tea bath offerings}

i can hardly believe a week ago i was in portland taking an art class from orly avinerii.

stories would be told. bond would be made. the intimacy would be palpable.

this was my paper quilt; all packaged up. stitched with love. wrapped with care.

each of us would make a quilt to offer to the tea bath.

this was after my bundle had come out of the tea bath. i could hardly sleep imagining what this would look like.

how it would be transformed. pieces i would use.

below is one of the pieces of paper i had saved out of a vintage book…..

i can’t quite say why i loved this crab- but, i did.

he would find himself paper stitched into this quilt and used elsewhere. serving his purpose now and when the time will call.

i will cherish this time spent in portland. good souls. and the female bonds that were created.

sacred time. i will have left on a changed trajectory.

xo. kristin