Handmade Foam Stamps

just love making these homemade foam stamps... 

never done that you say?! super easy.....


find sticky back foam sheets- i had gotten my package from walmart in fun bright colors. to make the back piece, i normally cut a square and then fold in half (these are super sticky!!! fyi....) to provide a little more stability to the stamp; although it isn't necessary- you certainly can do a single sheet.

if you do a single sheet for the back instead of folding in half- do not use the sticky back! this should then be just the regular foam. 

but use the sticky back foam for the actual shapes for the front of the stamp itself. 

i always like circles- or some variation of circles; and love the lines (mine is the one hiding on the right hand side with the pink background and purple stripes above). you will notice that i waste nothing....when i cut the circles, i realized that my first set were too big for the top background- so i cut those down to fit and then used that outside circle edging and put those onto another background.

this is my pile of used foam stamps.....