to finding love...... {and new ground}

working a coffee filter to the point of adding this picture-gluing it down and hand sewing it onto the filter, before i fully realized that i wasn't sure i really liked the picture on that particular filter.....

so needless to say....i ripped it off.

tore the filter apart.

was i tentative? maybe for a moment, but i didn't truly love it there.


sometimes even if you like something; change needs to happen in order for you to find love.

may 27, 2009 i started a blog- "Well, that was way too buying your first house, except without all the ink for signing your life away. I am stepping off my secure, safe ledge and into the unknown- hopefully on a most wonderfully creative adventure. Many things have lead to this culmination, and then, the step." 

and so, here is to that most wonderfully creative adventure i have so fortunately found myself on; and to the next step now..... leaving behind the secure, safe ledge of my blog and onto new ground of a website.

and a continued new love for this creative adventure.

a very, very special thank you to Roben-Marie Smith for so much assistance with this website build (mine would have never looked this good). your ever talented creative eye. your incredible techy wisdom. and your willingness to assist those not completely able (and that would be me). i will be forever grateful. 

xo. kristin