love it sew much..... {timecard}

i just got my sewing machine back and I nearly forgot how a well-tuned machine feels...... love it. 

my plan was to only sew on the timecard; but then i got to the studio and i have this new pink ink in a dabber (that i am loving....) so i dabbed the pink circles on; and while dabbing i spied my orange watercolor pencil hanging out on the edge of my tools and couldn't resist.

the machine was already loaded with the light blue-turquoise thread which seemed like the perfect choice and how could anyone go wrong with the black n white fabric?.....

happy friday.

xo. kristin

*special thank you to everyone who let me know that my blog update email wasn't working.... i am so sorry!! :) i have tried to warn you all that i am only techy enough to be dangerous! i did note that i may have had an error in the address- so fingers crossed that it works today. otherwise.... i am gonna have to call in reinforcements! XO