the secret is out...... {stencilgirl}

morning!.... i have been waiting to get to this day so i could finally let this secret out.

i made the design team for StencilGirl!!

when i got the email saying i had made it- i did a happy dance in the living room. (you know the dance.... where your kids see you dancing, and are like- mom. seriously. you should not be doing that.)

and then, it hit me......holy cow- i can't share this information.

and the hard part of keeping this a secret began....

so i have been quietly waiting to get to this day.

if you know me, or have been following me for a while- you should know that i love stencils. they are so versatile and easy to incorporate into almost everything.

so super excited to be a part of this talented group of ladies! 


happy monday!

xo. kristin