love story..... {timecard}

a love story for sure......

me and image transfers...... and theirs above would be a love story for sure.

i started this image transfer days before..... and actually grabbed this paper to use for collage when i realized it was attached to a timecard and i just hadn't peeled the paper off to finish the transfer; to the point that i couldn't even remember what the image was.

so when i peeled the paper, i was super excited to see what the image was.

loved the slightly irregular transfer, but overall the way the image came across- as if the image was old.

if you are like me and have chased image transfers forever and cannot seem to get anything to work consistently- try using a magazine image.

i have had the best luck and the most consistency with image transfer if i used a magazine image, matte medium and if you have time (or patience) let it dry naturally overnight. or if you are like me and cannot wait- you can use the hairdryer to dry- but be warned, that the image transfer may not transfer as well if you use the hairdryer.

happy monday. 

xo. kristin