collage composition...... {reminiscing}


composition. i was better at a loose definition of where the collage was supposed to be.

if you look close, you will see my pencil marks; but only on two sides.

four sides are just too confining for me. i get all worried about the size of my paper and cutting my papers to fit into the space.

it is just too much unnecessary pressure when doing collage.

and then put that pencil away- no pre-drawing your shapes.

just cut.

the beauty is in the act of cutting and just making the shape because there is something about only using paper and doing collage to create.

better to be free and not put boundaries on what you are doing.

and mix it up. color. shapes. patterns.

this is what makes your piece more interesting.

have you done collage? let me know so i can come and look.

xo. kristin