makers tech u

Are you like me- in that you love making but the tech-y side of things is kinda iffy? If you have been following me a while or are new here- for the record, I am only tech-y enough to be dangerous. truly.

So here is where I share this huge secret with you….. a good friend of mine has started helping us!!

Roben Marie Smith started a business and site called makers tech u to help us out. In fact, she already has a ton of content in the site! Wanna know how to create stories on instagram? Or change your font on your IG posts? Ok- maybe you have all that down pat.

Do you need help being more productive and getting organized online? She has a how-to do that too!

Maybe you want to post better pics on your blog or instagram, FB? That is there….photo editing; video editing…..

Maybe you have a special question that I haven’t touched on or isn’t covered right now? She has a question box that you can ask a specific question and she will answer it. I recently had trouble creating a permalink (it was tragic) and I submitted that- Roben Marie sent me back a quick little video showing me exactly what I needed to do to create one on my computer. quick, easy, and super duper helpful in walking me through the steps.

if you are thinking of moving to the next level with your art or want to show more on social media, makers tech u can help you get there!

Happy Saturday!

xo. Kristin