making a card

sometimes I need to be told…. and at least this was politely.

“please use other side.”

when you see words that for some reason grab you, do you save those? quickly reaching for the scissors and cut those words out leaving a rectangular gap in the book, magazine or whatever you my be looking at?

those rectangular gaps make me happy.

I love paging through my old books seeing those gaps. I figure whatever words were there must have been good. In fact I will dog ear pages with especially good words if I don’t have time to cut the words out; or maybe there are so many good words that I will need to come back to this page.

and these homemade cards are so nice to give.

paper collage glued down and then paint, sprayed down with water to run and tint the paper….little dribbles of alcohol inks and tamed with a stencil to unify the card. collaged words and a spin through the sewing machine.


xo. Kristin