and back to reality

and just like that…. the week of art class on Madeline Island is done and gone. I took the Jane Davies class with my best friend.

  • best friend- lots of visiting and story telling, giggles and laughs (and a bottle of wine. or three….but who is counting?)

  • visually stunning drive up and back

  • first ferry ride with cars

  • such a knowledgable art instructor; her ability to mix color and ability to create paintings and to keep layering…. and a great reminder that nothing is sacred

  • fabulous group of artist students; each of us so talented in our own style and so generous with sharing. seriously thank you. such a pleasure to meet each and every one.

  • Lake Superior you did not disappoint; gaspingly beautiful with your rocky beaches and forest edges

  • oh, and I cannot forget the food. wow. everyone knows I am a bit fussy with food… but, the food. nothing short of spectacular.

and then, reality hit me in the face yesterday by having to go back to work.

thank you Jane. thank you MISA. and thank you Madeline Island……

xo. Kristin