paper swap

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Hello and welcome! You have arrived at the StencilGirl® Creative Team’s Squared-Off Swap Hop.

The creative team all made stenciled papers and swapped!

We then needed to use the papers in a project of our own. Below are the colorful papers I received.

My swap partners were: Tina Walker, Belen Sotelo, Sunila and Aditi Mahajan, and Katie Lamb.

Thank you!!

I decided to make a small book with my swap papers and then, added a few extra papers I made.

I used air clay to make my cover and back. I started by rolling it out to a reasonable thickness. Then I used the Mid-Century Modern Banner and the Mid-Century Modern Rock and Leaves stencils and pushed it into the clay enough to leave an impression and set aside to dry. Once dry, I painted with acrylic paint to showcase the impressions.

I then concentrated on the papers….. carefully selecting the mix of papers. The trick was to alternate between the swap papers, stenciled deli papers, and then a variety of other papers I stenciled to give the look I was trying to achieve with my homemade book.

I glued stenciled deli paper to the stenciled papers to make enough signatures to ensure that my small book would be a good, thick size. This side view shows the many signatures that I included in this book.

I also glued the binding with the waxed thread to ensure that it would hold together nicely. The book isn’t very big, so the thinner signatures worked well.

I love the look of the variety papers outside of the book. Great little project!

xo. Kristin